Geneticks was founded in 2018 by Justin Wood, who was diagnosed with late disseminated Lyme disease in 2015. Justin has an extensive background in genetics, having graduated with biology degrees from Queen’s University (B.Sc.H) and the University of Calgary (M.Sc.) with specializations in genetics. While Justin doesn’t remember the tick that infected him, he does remember all too well the decline in his health, with the rise of fatigue, joint pain, and neurological issues, as parts of his life like soccer and snowboarding slowly fell to the wayside starting in 2011. With the continual decline in his health and subsequent concussions slowly the realization came about that there was a lot more going on with his health and his body. Even so, it still wasn’t until 2015 that he was diagnosed with late disseminated Lyme disease.

Fast-forward 3 years to the founding of Geneticks in 2018. By this time, Justin had slowly regained his life and strength and was itching to do something more. As he has an extensive background in genetics and molecular biology, including a M.Sc. with specialization in genetics from the University of Calgary he was toying with the idea of either going back into academia or starting his own company that tested ticks for Canadians. With every potential roadblock that popped up in his path to starting his own company, they were just as easily cleared, and in 2018 Geneticks started testing ticks for the public.

Since 2018 Geneticks has tested over 7000 ticks nationwide for Canadians, opened a second lab to better server our East Coast customers, participated in multiple research projects, developed new tick tests (including tick testing for Babesia odocoilei and Powassan virus) and moved our Ontario headquarters into a bigger space to keep up with the growing volume of tick submissions. Geneticks accepts tests ticks from all provinces and territories (British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut and Northwest territories).

Justin and the staff at Geneticks are passionate about delivering reliable tick testing services to Canadians and proud to be the household name for Canadian tick testing services.